Safe to set mail dir to user:mail ownership?


I built a server for someone, and she wants to edit the sieve files manually (I’ve already told her this is a bad idea - but she’s insisting!). The mail dir in each folder:


Currently is root:root. Is it safe to set as user:mail ownership? (like all the other files in). Its her own server, and she is the only one who will be logging into it.



It is mostlikely being reset when the user rebuilds

Ah ok NP. I’ve warned her already, but she wants to login as root. Told her it’s not a good idea (she doesn’t know anything server-related, apart from FTP’ing in), and have said I’m taking no responsibility if she buggers stuff up :wink:

Don’t forget to set the daily backups.

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Thanks. Yes, we have the daily backups and also I use urbackup to backup the /home directory multiple times a day as well. You can never have too many backups! :rofl: