Saying goodbye to vesta

Hestia has been a great replacement, i would like to thank the hestia team for their dedication towards this project.

I’ve finally reinstalled all my servers with hestia. ( Moved from centos to debian and vesta to hestia ). Took me months and after multiple procrastination i’ve finally moved away from vesta fully.

For those who are still using Vesta godspeed to you because it is plaque with security issues!


first… it is not too good if we said A worse hestia better
even that true lol

at least you can put asterik on it like
vestacp = vesta** for example :smiley:
or cyberpan** for cyberpanel
or cyb**panel :smiley:

honestly… i was cyberpanel user…
i’am looking for alternative lightweight panel

i still testing some panel, my basic are ubuntu, i start use ubuntu from beginning when they ship stickers and CD for free all around the world…
but today it’s look alma have a great performa, even for low level hosting like me with small specs and small visitor it will just like 99.9% similar speed :smiley: between ubuntu and alma…

i use cwp now, but it seems they have “hidden” glitch and bug (no body perfect…so the program) and even the pro version, not have right to ask personal support via ticket :smiley:

i never touch vesta because:
Restrict user so that they cannot use SSH and access only their home directory.
$3 / month
$18 lifetime


now im thinkiing to give the try for hestia,
but i worried about the quota package will calculate the vmail + %userdir% or not
because cyberpanel only calculate %userdir% and this is from they start
i dont know if this is how they making money from “personalization” request.

i hope hestiacp is different :smiley: and will be my final search