Scp too slow when downloading large file

Hi guys, I have been facing issues in the recent updates. I use FileZilla to transfer backups weekly once. The backup file is around 4GB in size. I was getting decent speed before but during the recent updates, the files are downloading very slowly. The speed doesn’t cross 100KB/s. But uploading the large files is still working well. I’m also seeing the sites loading slowly and most of the time throwing the 504 gateway timeout error.
Please advise me to fix this issue.

Hosting: A2 Unmanaged VPS
Virtualization: OpenVZ
Os: Ubuntu 20.04.3
Hestia Version: Latest
Ram: 4Gigs
CPU: 4 Cores
Swap: 512MB


This sounds like your server is overloaded somehow, i would suggest to do the basic debug like check the load and running processes (top/htop) also validate your logs etc.

Hi @ScIT , thanks for the reply. The server load is less than 1 and has sufficient free RAM. I checked it through htop. Logs seem good too. The thing is upload works fine. I can able to upload the files at high speed. Only downloading the file gives an issue. Let me try to dig more into that. Thanks again for the reply.

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This could also mean that the network of your provider is extremely loaded and other users cause heavy traffic. The impact would be that your downloads would be slow.
But this is just a guess and could be wrong…

BTW, swap size for this RAM value is much less, which of course may not be an issue at all, if it is not used.