Search mail logs from Gui

We have many support requests from our customers (non technical) to search logs and find if a message was sucessfully delivered and consume much from our support.

If the customer could search logs from a specific sender or destination, filtering by date, will be great for us.

Furthermore, it would be great to show a list of last sucessfully delivered emails: Receiver, Subject

I think that it would be interesting to have IMAPSYNC installed with a GUI.

You can provide Hestia with a csv file with:;[email protected];p4ssw0rd;;[email protected];p4ssw0rd;

And then feed that to imapsync.

Hestia could then create the accounts with the same passwords, assign the username = and a default plan.

And then migrate all the mails in the mailboxes.

Well. This is self explanatory.

If I am planning my vacation I just set and forget.

Hi @jlguerrero

I just merged your request threads together, so we have them on one point :slight_smile:.

Please feel free to start working on them and send us a pull request on github (, we love to discuss and implement them.