Seeking Assistance for Node.js App Deployment Error Using HestiaCP-NodeJS Plugin

I am attempting to deploy a Node.js application using the HestiaCP-NodeJS plugin available at the following repository:

During installation, I encountered an error with the Node.js app deployment process.

Could you provide guidance on the correct procedure for installing and deploying a Node.js application using this plugin? Additionally, if you have previously used this plugin, did you face any similar issues? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As it is not a official plugin, please reach out at the developer for support.

Hey @GooD I replied to the issue you raised on Github for this plugin. The reason it didn’t work was that you didn’t set the SSH Access of the user to “bash” which the Author of the plugin mentioned in the “How to use” section of the plugin.

Try it out, it will work.

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