Selecting several tasks in a row in the crown using the Shift

The selection of several tasks in a row in the cron using the shift does not work. It used to work, if my memory serves me right. Works in VestaCP

You can use the select boxes if you want to update multiple crons at the same time

I want to select 100 cron jobs. I want use Shift button to do this. I want to click first task, click shift and select last task to select 100 tasks. But it is not working. Sory for my English, I’m from Ukraine.

I don’t it is possible with Hestia

Use the select box next to “Command” it should select them al…

Can developers add this feature?

const checkboxes = document.querySelectorAll('.ch-toggle');
let lastChecked;

function handleCheck(e) {
  let inBetween = false;
  if (e.shiftKey && this.checked) {
    checkboxes.forEach(checkbox => {
      if (checkbox === this || checkbox === lastChecked) {
        inBetween = !inBetween;
      if (inBetween) {
        checkbox.checked = true;
  lastChecked = this;

checkboxes.forEach(checkbox => checkbox.addEventListener('click', handleCheck));

You can use this in the browser console to make it possible to select with shift.

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Seems like a good first PR to me - this is luckily a open-source project!


Merged :+1:

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