Self hosted internet type?

hey all
i guess there are many of you and us who use hestiacp but id like to know how !
are you running a server thats directly connected to the internet or behind a router/firewall ?
if you are directly can you explain why and how safe it is with public ip ?
i am behind a router and i have to port forward!
thank you

Hosted in a Datacenter directly connected internet…

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Multi VPS en distintos Datacenter.

On a VPS directly connected to the internet with an public ip.

I think that you should only host your websites inside your house for testing purposes.

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so if i would own a space… the best way is to have internet pluged in the server ?
is that safe ?

It is the only way. If it is not plugged to the Internet, then it can serve nothing.

HestiaCP has a fair ammount of security measures. Usually the weakest spot is not on your config or panel but in the wordpress plugins clients install.

And stop services that you’r not using + closing their ports in the firewall.

On the internet there are enough tutorials about hardening your linux security.

But you need port forwarding when you are behind a router.