Selling hestiacp hosting accounts to clients

i need to clear my new questions

  1. Safe to give ssh access for clients ? by giving this any harm for the server ?
  2. Let’s say a client got his cms compromised this is bad for other clients on the server?
  3. Good for shared hosting ?
  1. It depends. It certainly increases risk.

  2. Again, it depends. One compromised site on a server certainly could cause problems for other users.

  3. It’s a shared hosting server management platform, so I am going to go with yes here.

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  1. In 1.9 we will come with ssh jail it would be a bit better …
  2. It depends if it what is compromised and it it might affect other users. Outgoing email ban due to black list or DDOS it might take server offline… How ever other panels has the same issue …
  3. I use it for shared hosting but I don’t sell it dirt cheap…

if i limit email per hour this issue fix ?

That is not any sort of guarantee and certainly is not a substitute for aggressively monitoring for abuse. You’re way better off to avoid getting involved in the outgoing email business without a significant amount of experience. Even then, it is best not to use a webserver as a general purpose email server. The suitability of any approach is going to depend on a lot of variables, many of which you may not be able to control. It is important to understand the risks and benefits before implementing a particular solution.


It will limit the risks a bit how ever it is hard to guarantee it will never happen.


I always use different servers for web hosting and email hosting.
At this time, I have one Email + DNS server and several web servers.
I configure wordpress websites to connect to the email server via SMTP.

If a website is compromised, the risk is minimized. There is also the rate limiting feature.