Sendmail fail on Debian 10


Sending/receiving email via Rouncube is working,

but when I try to send email via PHP script its fails

Please help me, I just installed hestia on fresh OS Debian

I think the Team angry with me

Why we should be angry? We just have not enough informations or/and time to help you - that’s all and has nothing to do with angry :slight_smile:.

If you want to have guaranteed support, I would suggest to use a paid product or a service package. You could also hire a sysadmin for help, would also be an option.

thank you for your reply sir,
any suggestion for me, how I can fix

Check the logs, for example exim. Try to send a email manualy over sendmail and so on - basic debug work.

2021-06-14 19:10:19 1ls61M-0001F9-Hz Message is frozen
2021-06-14 19:10:19 End queue run: pid=8466
2021-06-14 19:22:24 unable to set gid=1002 or uid=0 (euid=0): forcing real = effective

Manually I can send email usin CLI: echo “test message” | sendmail -v [email protected]

log: no DNS record found

Hello Adhenra,

It looks like something that requires MTA-STS reporting. Do you use an custom app / maling software?

You could try to setting it up via:

Sadly I have no experience with it…

Best regards,