Server crash, Apache,exim4,mariadb stopped working and after restarting the services, data from the DB disappeared

Today, on 25.01.2022, apache, exim4, mariadb stopped working around 8.00 in the morning for unknown reasons. I just restarted these services through the hestia panel, and everything worked. But a lot of data was lost from the database, about 28 GB, fortunately we had backups, but it will take a lot of time to restore such a volume of data. there are no reasons to find in the logs, help us figure it out

I found out that the database is in place. DB was in a different directory unlike /var/lib/mysql. For unknown reasons, the mariadb configs were erased and by default he read the database from the /var/lib/mysql directory, and there the old data stood

Sounds weird, I strongly suggest to check your logs to find out what happened. If multiple services are crashing, it sounds mostly like a hardware issue.

I looked at all the logs, unfortunately I didn’t find anything special. There were logs after restarting MariaDB, but these errors appeared due to the fact that MariaDB configs were missing. I don’t know what to do next

Maybe the configs disappeared because I restarted MariaDB during the execution of CRON v-update-sys-hestia-all

I have the same problem too. Two servers have been shutting down the service for about 10 days. The log files show no abnormalities. After a restart everything works again without problems. Only the Internet services are no longer running. The server as a whole is technically running. Basic version on both Debian 10. Maybe the problem also occurs with other users? The problem does not exist under Ubuntu 18.04.

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