Server stop working randomly

I have an AWS Lightsail instance with HestiaCP installed, was working fine, until a couple of days.
The server stop working randonmly, and sometimes It “fixes” by himself and sometimes I need to reboot from the AWS console.
I have setup a watchdog so I can track and get notified when this happends.

Other thing that is noticed, my CPU usage is going up, idk is this is related.

I started with the typical debugging, searching on the logs but I cannot find anything related at the time of the error.

Hestia Control Panel: v1.5.4
Operating System: Ubuntu 20.04 (x86_64)

Can you help me with some instuctions to find the problem? do you thing this can be related with the provider?

Thanks in advance

“Server stops working” is a very broad definition of a problem :frowning: I can think of too many symptoms matching that definition: no ping, no SSH, no page loading, server shut down completely, service(s) fail, etc, etc.

Could you please be more precise as to what is the actual symptom (e.g. can not login to SSH although the server responds to ICMP requests).

Just a wild guess here: Some providers issue shotdown/reboot commands to VPS that is causing a constant high CPU load.


Hello Felix, thank you for the reply.
The server enters in to a weird state:
Hestia CP panel doesnt work
Webpages on the server doent work
SSH doesnt work
I havent tried to ping, but everytime I need to go to AWS console to force the reboot.

We stopped CLAMAV and the server is working nominal for the last 24 hours, maybe the problem is something related.

Will check CLAMAV logs and return with my findings.

Thanks in advance

What do the logs say about clamav?

Have you set a monitor for the clamav process?

How many ram does the server has?

At least 4 GB I hope?