Server TTBF Issue

Is there anyway to fix my slow server response time. It works fine on non-ssl mode. But after activating ssl and redirect from http:// to https://www. It takes 6-10sec or more to response.

start using https://www. directly in the first place, expecially if you link to your page. the rest is just a fallback, if eventually someone still uses http.
on top put the redirects in one rule, so you don’t need two redirects after another.

seems like your google cloud thingy is in US somewhere, I see a 160ms latency from and I am seeing about that for the request getting there (initial) and also for then receiving an answer (TTFB) on the first attempt non-ssl:


after the first redirect, we see the same, but now on top with the ssl-handshake, which adds quite some time to the initial


after the second redirect we are finally at https://www. and have already had the handshake so things speed up and we see the ‘real’ TTFB, which still consist of ~160ms latency and the rest is generating your page/content by php+mysql etc.


not the speediest, but might depend on what your google cloud thingy offers. obviously it would be speedier, if you directly open https://www. and it could take longer if you are more far away, on a shitty internet connection yourself and whatnot, because latency will always add up both ways.

PS: I would advise to not post your domain name or IP address publicly in internet forums. especially in hosting related topics, that sometimes look like an invite to hackbots or whatever.
if we think that this info is needed to help you, we would ask for it to be send via private message :wink: