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hello, there is the possibility of using hestiacp without a domain, using only the vps ip as hostname?

No, you cant use ip as hostname because ip isnt a valid hostname. Use webxx.domain.tld (replace xx with on going numbers like 01,02,etc) or anything else you want to have.

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You can however, use any hostname you want even not register the domain. The only thing is that you will have to tune your local pc hosts file so that when you visit it points to the correct IP

… and then you’ll get troubles with email deliverability - it mostly doesnt make any sense to fake hostnames - if you run a webserver, you usualy have a domain aswell. So just take that domain, create a valid hostname and add a A record to the dns - so you’ll get a valid ssl certificate aswell after the reboot.

Of course ScIT. The server won’t work 100%.

For web servers it is less critical. But for email servers it is a nightmare.

Just use a dynamic dns name; Free Dynamic DNS
You can get letsencrypt certs for them as well.

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Thanks for your answers. I want to use hestiacp as a server for an application. My question was if I could use it like xampp. Access the web only with the ip without using the domain.

Good morning, if it is for an intranet, what you can do is point the DNS of the other PCs on that intranet to the HestiaCP IP address and it will work 100%, that’s how I have it configured…

Always working on NOT with IP, HestiaCP is not for that…

otherwise you will have to create your test stack (LAMP) that can do what you ask for…

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