Serverblock Issues

Before installing hestiacp, i was hosting an nginx file, which points to a /var/www/ folder, but now the domain which HAS the serverblock has been replaced by the success your webserver is ready to use page, i want hestia and to be able to keep my custom server block with this domain. Can anyone guide me?


no need to tag anyone. Hestia expects a clean server, you can’t install it over existing services or configurations.

Actually it all works now i just moved my files to the document root of the web url. Currently im recieving two errors though, firstly when i enable https redirection the website doesnt load and it states it redirects me too many times.

Secondly, my directorys file requires a redis installation, redis-server and php-redis is installed (both the requirements required)!

(it worked before i used hestia with it and the server states redis is indeed running correctly)


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