Setting a Cron Job to update a file Wordpress (Woocommerce)

I have two scripts - one trigger, one processors. It looks like this -https://xxxxx.xx(URL)/wp-load.php?import_key=xxxxx&import_id=x&action=trigger.
One of the suggestion from the plugin is to use /usr/bin/wget -O- https://xxxx.xx/wp-load.php?import_key=xxx&import_id=x&action=trigger.
However it doe snot work. The file does not update neither do I get an alert.
Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.
Thanks a million and keep up the good work.

Play around in the command line first.

When you get the command right, you may try the cron. If it still fails, put the command into a shell script and capture error codes, etc.

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I went back and added the above code under user instead of admin. Set the processor to 1min. It ran successfully just once.
I change the time to 2 hours but it never ran again. I never received an alert in my email either.
I am new to cron so any advise will help greatly.

Play with the command line first.