Setting chron ftp backup for user other than admin (confusion)

So, following the guidelines I moved all my small sites network to another user other than admin.
Due the almost 1 month offline time (and probably total data loss) of my previous vps, I decided to go with the offline backup option to an external ftp server. I tested the manual backup for the user “admin” , and everything works, backup gets generated on my vps and on the ftp server.
But what about the other user, that “holds” all my website? Do I have to manually set a chron for the specific user? in case, how? (only found v-backup-users , that should backup every user)
would that take care of the ftp backup as well, or it will backup only on the current hestia server? Can I set hestia to ONLY store the backup on the ftp external server to save some space? Found some info for vesta, would this work on hestia as well? Configure FTP Backup VestaCP Ubuntu | by shreyansh goel | Medium

When you run v-backup-users a backup will be made for all users active on the server where the number of backups is set to a number higher then 0 on the package

If you want only a specific user use the command

v-backup-user username

The backup system takes only care about the files stored on the current server and yes local can be turned of

(That is the only reason why I am able to create 10 backups of all my users with out running in storage)

thank You! so, to turn off local backup , ido I have to follow Vesta guidelines? The number of backup I assign to the user are the number of backup stored before getting cancelled, I assume? So, if I set to only 1, despite the backup will be made on an ftp external server, every time a new backup is made the previous one will be cancelled?

Yes the oldest one (in this case the previous) will be deleted…

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