Setting up hestia in a VM

Hello guys, I am in the need to remake my website and i have been trying to install hestia on my desktop in a VM to start working on it. I am having troubles connecting to hestia from the host OS. I am using Virtual Machine Manager. I have been reading around and from what i udnerstand i need to create a bridge. I tried to follow a couple of guides on how to do so but I can’t get it to work. Anyone could guide me trought or give me a good guide?
Is there maybe any better way to get hestia running on my desktop?

Hi, please be aware of Please read this, before you start!

I read it, didnt help me figure out a solution.

The point of that article is that this is not a forum for teaching basic networking and computing concepts and techniques. Your question has nothing to do with HestiaCP specifically. Virtual networking concepts can be obtained by reading the fine documentation for libvirt and kvm. Any specific questions you have on that topic are best directed to a more appropriate forum that focuses on those topics. It is completely out of scope here.


Hello, good evening, my username on telegram is @LiteDibuX, locate me and I can help you without problems, it’s true that what you need is not about HestiaCP, that’s why the answers are so rough, but that’s the way it is…

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