Setting Virtual Global Directory For Sites on HestiaCP

I apologise in advance if this is more an apache admin noob question but

I am trying to set a global directory in apache that applies to all sites on my web server.

So no matter what individual domain / site when a user navigates to will load from a central location (which I can maintain and keep updated).

I have searched the forum / documentation and a bunch of apache tutorials but I’m still not getting it right and I’m not sure if it’s the default config of HestiaCP’s apache or if I’m using the wrong search criteria for my problem.

I would greatly appreciate any help from the apache wizzards that frequent this forum to point me in the right direction.

Standard HestiaCP VPS rig running Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS Apache and nginx

Symlink + group permissions

ln -s to create the symlink
chmod 444 so all files are read-only but can be read by anyone.

Change those files to 644 when updating those files…

Much appreciated, thank you. I think the search terminology I was missing was symbolic link I knew the function existed in apache / linux. I just couldn’t connect the documentation to “virtual directory” being a seperate topic entirely. I will adjust my search patterns and play around a bit. Thank you again!