Setup hestia with traefik as proxy


I have tested hestia on a proxmox setup running in its own vm.
I have a traefik instance running on a pie that redirects traefik to the right location and takes care of the ssl offloading.

It seems partially working except when i setup wordpress.

The offloading works, but when i visit the websites or wp-admin it produces errors (it asks for https bit it servers http)

For example:

Running traefik on, the dynamic file redirect request (port 80 and 443) to (the vm hestia is running on and containing the domains)

I can see the certificate, but the pages don’t load correct (this where is see the requested https but receives http error in the console output)

Am i missing something or did i not setup hestia correct ? It says hestia is running on my wan ip (this is partially correct)

When i run in firefox and choose the “unsafe” method everything is working fine.