Several Question Regarding HestiaCP

How do you use the CLI Command?
In SSH Bash command?

What is the location for html file?
I search in /var/www/html/ but could not found it

How to install PostgreSQL in HestiaCP as i forgot to include it in the installation…

Hi @Szeto,

To use the command line scripts, you will need to connect to your server via SSH or another terminal shell method.

HTML files are located on a per-domain basis under /home/user/web/domain.tld/public_html (replace user and domain.tld with the respective user name and domain name).

Currently we don’t support adding or removing features after Hestia has been installed, so in this case would recommend to reinstall from a fresh OS installation and ensure that you specify the correct flags during installation – you can use the tool here ( to generate the necessary command line to install the features you need. This is something we’re working to improve in future releases, and starting with v1.1.0 we have added support for adding/removing PHP versions with the MultiPHP system for example.

Hope that helps, let us know if you have any other questions.

Thank you, @kristankenney for answering my questions…

here are another questions:
I plan to install Discourse as the forum, similar with this forum. Please provide some guides to do it, ie, how? what should install first, Discourse or HestiaCP?, etc.

Doesnt matter what you install first, if discourse or hestia, usualy you can start with hestia. You need to create a own template for discourse, copy the default one (stpl and tpl) in $HESTIA/data/web/templates/nginx and adjust the configuration for discourse, after that you can select it on editing the web domain.

Sorry, but i do not quite get you…
I would be very greateful if you could please guide me step by step…