SFTP not working help

So SFTP is not working I am trying to use cyber duck. I check the log via ssh at /var/log/auth.log and nothing there. I can login in and transfers files with just ftp. I double check that my ip, username, and password are correct and using port 22 for SFTP but still can’t login in.
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 7.47.09 AM

Port 22 open in firewall?

port 22 is open I changed the 21 to 22 to be sure. I also restarted vsftpd. Here is a picture of my cyber duck settings
Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 8.16.39 AM

You can only connect with the main user account with sftp

may I ask why is that? So do you mean I can only sign in under admin account or does each user account get its own sftp sign in. with everything I am learning about Hestia can I volunteer to edit the docs to add simple stuff like signing into or ftp and other stuff along those lines?

All users can sign in with “username” via sftp without any issues.

Only not with the “Additional ftp accounts”

There was an old PR request that should be able to get it working but need to work on it …

Contributions are always accepted:

Please make any changes via a PR via:

And not GitHub - hestiacp/hestiacp-docs: Hestia Control Panel Documentation | Want to contribute? Pull requests are welcome!

This is my first time using GitHub. I am also a web designer where would I upload a new web design .
I guess I hit my max replies LOL. I got off topic I am still not able to sign in with my other user account.
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Ps. website is looking great.

We are working on a new site:

Still can’t get SFTP to work I made edit to my last reply