Shared Hosting Company Using HestiaCP

Does anyone of you running shared hosting company using HestiaCP?

I need it for my client, because I’m not ready to running my own VPS, still need lot of time to learn.

I want my client familiar with HestiaCP panel.

It will be good if the server location is in Asia.

Please Direct Message me.

Thank you.


rarely seen that someone admits it that way. I’d say you are very responsible and looking for someone to help you with your client is the right way to go :+1:

there should be quite some people around here offering what you ask for, best of luck!


What exactly does your client need to host?

One web, email, dns?

Where in asia is he located or where are his clients located?

What will he be hosting. Magento, WordPress…

How many visits does your client expect to receive?

I think that you will be fine with a custom hestia install.

Just a small company with landing page WordPress and contact form, and connect email to Zoho.
They doesn’t need high traffic.

No DNS? No email?

What do they need Hestia CP for?

I think that you may be fine just setting a small standard vps or even not install dovecot clamav, spamassasin and bind if you are only hosting web.

Thank you for your support, it’s just a private web, and yes now it’s running well on my VPS with Zoho hosted email.

Thank you :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2: