Site is up, but :8083 time out

Hi, before anything, i’m quite new to all things coding, so if u don’t mind ELI5 that could be great!

So my site. after installing hestiaCP says
“Success! Your new web server is ready to use”

But when i get to the default login. (with or without the login) it times me out.
I enabled 8083 in ufw and i activated it aswell.

My server is hosted in oracle cloud (if it’s of any help)

Thank you for reading!

oracle cloud has an own firewall, you need to add an exclusion there aswell.

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Aight! I’ll look around and see if it find it

Thank you!

Edit: Found it! and it works!
for posterity sake.

Networking > Virtual Cloud Networks > “your vcn” > Default Security List for “your vcn” > Add Ingress Rules

Leave default as it and fill in:

Source CIDR:
Destination Port Range: 8083 (or your default port for Hestia)


Thanks once more @ScIT i could had never think of that.

Try to access using the server’s name instead of the IP.

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