SMTP Connect - Failed To Connect (Exim)

My emails are working fine. All emails are authenticated and no issues with anything.

But when I check my email server at Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email I get

SMTP Connect Failed To Connect

If you don’t share your domain or server ip, it is really hard to help you.

Anyway, try to test the connection again and just after that, take a look to Exim’s log /var/log/exim4/mainlog to check if you see the error there.


So there are no errors because I have no problem sending emails. All emails are going through.

I run one vestacp server and one hestiacp server.

I have multiple client domains and those domains when sending out emails do not use the default server IP instead they use additional IPs that are chosen at random via a perl script. All IP’s are defined in this Perl script file.

When sending out emails, HELO, and RDNS all look good.

I am curious as to why the SMTP connection shows as failed to connect although there are no issues while sending emails. This is when I check “” for all the different domains hosted here.

The domain’s nameservers point to my hestiacp server nameservers.

However, when I check the same domains hosted on Vestacp those are connected without any errors.

Sending and receiving are two different things.

As you are not sharing the ip or domain we can’t test it so, the only thing I can think without more info is that you are using a public dns resolver and Spamhaus doesn’t like it.

Show the output of this command:

dig txt +short

root@portal ~ # dig txt +short
“Listed by SBL, see
“Listed by PBL, see
“Listed by XBL, see
root@portal ~ #

The output is correct so the problem must be somewhere else.

Can #smtp_active_hostname have any connection to this?

I can’t guess if it is related to your conf, no idea if the connection issue is only for the test from that web site or it affects all incoming connections… sorry but without data I cannot help you further.

By turning off the firewall the connection was OK.

It looks like the firewall blocks MXtoolbox Ip’s.

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