SMTP does not work in Wordpress

I have mounted a clean installation of hestia + wordpress in hestia the serious problem I have that I can not configure mail with WP Mail SMTP by WPForms – Plugin WordPress | España

it does not send the mail even though I have it well configured someone else has tried it

I would suggest to reach out the support of the wordpress module - personaly i dont think this is related to hestia itself.

This configuration is normal, I have tried it in cpanel or others and it works curiously in hestia it does not want to work.

Not work is a way to far definition, impossible to help. Please provide a minimal debug work with errors, logs or other output.

Yes! Please always try to be ultra-specific.
I’d suggest you check exim log at /var/log/exim4/mainlog and see if you have any relevant records.

It sounds like it is a plugin to setup a smarthost within wordpress - so I think the mails will not be sent over exim. Anyway, without any additional informations, it’s wasted time :slight_smile:.

I had the same issue some months ago when migrating to hestia.

I changed the plugin.


I use Post SMTP by By Yehuda Hassine
It works perfectly.