Smtp relay without username/password

Hi, I have a mail domain setup to use a SMTP Relay that do not use AUTH username/password (accept only email from a specific IP address)
If I set SMTP Relay without username/password, exim failed to send email with this error

R=send_via_smtp_relay T=smtp_relay_smtp defer (-42): authentication required but server did not advertise AUTH support

How is possibile to tell exim that if user/pass are not provided AUTH is not needed? (that what I understand)

Don’t supply username / password

it should use:


ok that piece of config was missing in my conf file. I’m using /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.template
hestiacp 1.6.7
what can be the reason of the different conf ? upgrade procedure? can be that I miss something else

Should have the same code maybe different lines

Did you upgrade from an older version?

The code is not present, I had to add it, now is working.
Yes is a server upgraded since 1.4.x as I remember

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