Some Feedback about my background knowledge

I want to give some background. So maybe you guys can give me some tips. I have recently moved from upcloud to hostinger. And the control panel I used to use was interworx. Which worked great but I wanted to try different control panel for web hosting. The thing I liked about it was support was available and little more docs. And I wouldn’t mind paying but not monthly more like a once year or onetime charge. So that’s little background knowledge I have. If you guys can provide any tips about running a server that be great I am of a visual person that is way I use a control panel.

Then maybe hestiaCP is not the tool for you. You are supposed to know how to configure a server on your own to use hestiaCP.

The hestiaCP team does not usually help with things unrelated to hestiaCP such as getting your server working unless there is a bug.

That said, hestiaCP is a great tool. Just keep it simple.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Install the apache + Nginx stack and don’t use any cdn at the beginning.

If you can, have 1 server for DNS and email and a different one for website hosting.

Always have fail2ban running


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