Some mails disseapper for a mail user with imap

A client uses mails with imap and has lots of mails and folder in her outlook. And some of her mail in some folder disseappers from time to time. And I have no idea what to tell her. Do you have any idea how I can investigate this issue? Shall I tell her to use pop instead of imap?

Mostly, at least in that case: User issue, delete mail on mobile and is missing it in outlook :slight_smile:. Otherwise, no idea, not easy to debug - but i never had a related issue.

She does not do that is what she says. Could this be something related to sync issue? Any way to debug? I also never had this issue. But when user has LOTS OF MAIL, there could be some strange things but never had mails are gone thing.

This is usually that users don’t realize they re
deleting or moving emails from their mobile phones

They might have put a filter or an email app or maybe a CRM that is accessing via IMAP

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How can I log this for one user?

No idea, have gave up doing mail services for customers (expect Office365). Also I don’t think this is bug related (infact hestia uses dovecot and exim and just setup the related configs), so probaly user side.