Sorry how is add IP ranges

Where is add how is IP ranges allow?

Waiting you help explain guide found add IP for hestiacp?

Take a look here

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Yeah but how is example:

IP list name:
Data Source: ?

Dunno but no idea why differents think.

Okay moment think hmm get explain.

Data source is


Ok get, there is example:

but think no working IPv6 error: “Error: IP list file too small (<10), ignoring”

Cloudflare uses 7 IPv6 ranges and Hestia’s ipsets MUST contain at least 10 ips/ranges.

Ok thanks get, and wait processing ip ranges confirm done and maybe no working venezuela loading page? problem cloduflare maybe?

Sorry but I don’t know whether I understand what you mean.

Keep in mind that you are only creating an ipset (a list of ips/ranges), if you want to use that ipset, you need to create a new firewall rule using that ipset and allowing the ports you want.


Ipv6 doesn’t work yet as we don’t support it yet


Ok thanks you closed and solution.

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