Sorry problem no working SSL cloudflare

there is explain: HestiaCP with Cloudflare - Web and Email setup on Oracle Cloud - YouTube


what but is think only nginx there “hestia > ssl” or hestia add ca-certificates?

And other already all edit SSL working - but test web how working ssl certificates cloudflare dunno.


Sorry, but think example: usr/local/hestia/ssl or /usr/local/hestia or maybe idk dunno only local okay?

maybe investigate diffcutly, you try check well?

You can only use Cloudflare SSL if you use Cloudflare proxy

oh, but need there is:

Proxy or off proxy?

Proxy needs to be enabled

And in the SSL settings set to strict or full

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Yeah i see, but important why same captcha reply and there no working see is google trust service llc why not cloudflare?

Update now is

And try please message private discord or DM here give anydesk check my desktop?

  • Probably try remove subdomain new and new again add subdomain maybe? and also cloudflare remove same and again add?

We do not provide any remote hands for free, rate would be 100 euros/hr.

Please keep in mind, that hestia is a solution for sysadmins and we expect such a knowledge, if you want to use it. Just because you can run it in combination with oracle for free, doesnt mean that it is in every case a good idea.

100 euro? Nah better good 65 euro XD - but yeah differents not orcacle, is other novonode in vps.

Okay well noted maybe future diffcutly no solution… okay next soon probably november send 100 USD help okay.