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I have a bit of a weird request! We have lots of sites on one server. Some are politics, others recreational, others business. What I want to do is create “packages” for each of them. Then I need a way to sort the list by that column. Is this something we can do? Here is where I’m talking about:



Should not be difficult check out how the sorting of data traffic work s

That was easy…


Amazing, thanks! I was going to take a look at it, and then got sidetracked :rofl: Will give it a go hopefully tomorrow :sunglasses:

Hmmm is that diff for 1.7.7? I’m on 1.7.7 for this server, and I don’t see:

					<li data-entity="sort-disk" data-sort-as-int="1">
						<span class="name"><?= _("Disk") ?> <i class="fas fa-arrow-down-a-z"></i></span><span class="up"><i class="fas fa-arrow-up-a-z"></i></span>

I have:

<li entity="sort-disk" sort_as_int="1"><span class="name"><?= _("Disk") ?> <i class="fas fa-arrow-down-a-z"></i></span><span class="up"><i class="fas fa-arrow-up-a-z"></i></span></li>

I also can’t see the 2nd tweak anywhere? I’m in /usr/local/hestia/web/templates/pages/list_user.php , which I think is the right page?



1.8 :slight_smile:

Ahh ok. I’ll have to see if I can figure out your other change :slight_smile: (I got the first one, but couldn’t find where the 2nd one was)

It has been merged for 1.8

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Brill :slight_smile: I did try and tweak the 1.7.7 script, but I couldn’t work it out =) (I found the first bit, but couldn’t see where the 2nd part was that you edited in the older version). I’ll just wait for 1.8 to be released out of beta - I’m not in a huge rush for it :slight_smile:

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