Spam / Junk training possibly broken?

We have been receiving more spam emails. Before we were moving the emails to the spam/junk folder in roundcube to train what emails we didn’t want, however training doesn’t appear to be working anymore as we keep getting similar emails in. I’m not sure when email training broke, it could of been a year ago for all that I know. Please note spam junk is working as we are seeing emails in spam folder, its just the training is not working when we place a spam email from the inbox to the spam folder

Is there a way to check to see if the emails you place in the junk are being trained?

I’ve no idea whether in previous Hestia versions there was such feature but in version 1.8.x it doesn’t.

Maybe you were using a plugin for roundcube to learn from spam/ham like markasjunk plugin…

If you want to use an alternative to learn from mails moved to spam folder and moved from spam folder (ham), take a look to this post:


Thanks @sahsanu for the guide. It is possible I did customization in the past to enable it. Would be helpful if I documented what I did hahaha.

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