SQLite3 Not enabled

Hi, Im trying to install website that require SQLite3 Extension, So I Installed SQLite3 extension for PHP manually , but still it showing that SQLite3 not enabled what should i do ? Help Me .

Screenshot 01 - here
Screenshot 02 - here

sorry, but that’s not enough information.

however, keep in mind: ‘sqlite3’ and ‘sqlite3 extension for PHP’ are two different things. and you need both.
apart from that you wanna make sure, that you installed the extension for the correct php version that you are using there…

also, did you enable the extension and restart (the correct) php-fpm service?

Sir, Can you give me a Guide link or Tell me how to enable these 2 extensions correctly?

I thought SQlite3 was just one extension

Also what information need you to check the issue

Go to the CLI and run:

apt-get install php8.1-sqlite3 php8.0-sqlite3 php7.4-sqlite3 -y


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