Ssh root login = YES, pleasse

I tried to edit sshd_config but it didn’t work.
Is any more step necessary?

Can you explain to me how to grant login permission to the root user again without a key?

Please save yourself talking to me about security, I’m not going to jump off the roof.

All the best

Thank you

If you were able to log in to the “root” account without a password and now you can’t, it is because you were using a certificate for login. This may have expired or disappeared from one of the 2 computers.

In any case, it is much safer to log in to the “admin” account and then escalate via “su”.

PermitRootLogin yes
PasswordAuthentication yes

No eris, I asked after trying this option.

I thought that hestia would have some hidden configuration, so I asked in the forum.

By SFTP I can log in with admin, but of course… it’s useless because with SFTP I can’t change user after logging in.
By SFTP if I choose root user, it tells me that passwd is wrong, but I already changed root’s passwd 20 times.
With putty I can’t log in with admin or root or with any user.

Putty at least returns an error that I don’t quite understand.
Couldn´t agree a host key algorithm (available;rsa-sha2-512…)

I have root access because it is a container. First I enter the server and from the server I have to go to the container, but there is no way directly to the container.

and yes!!!, hestiaCP works perfectly from http and the network is perfectly functional

HestiaCP doesnt change the ssh configuration in relation to root login, there are no hidden configs. Also by OS default is root login with password disabled - so if you configure the value PermitRootLogin properly (yes), login with password will work.

I don’t think that your issue is related to hestia, as we do not touch any root login relevant part. So it sounds more like a local issue, where I’m not realy aware about your setup.

You can maybe check your auth.log, which could provide more informations why you can’t login.

Yeah! That’s how I understood it seeing the answer of ‘eris’.

I’m trying to find a solution, although it’s strange…
all users with ssh login permission can login and root impossible.

I’ll keep looking, thanks

I already found the problem, and it was very ‘dumb’
It turns out that you have to put

AllowRootLogin yes
Password Authentication yes

before Match User ****************
the final lines that hestia put in sshd_config

"here it works"

Match User sftp_dummy99,********
ChrootDirectory %h
    X11Forwarding no
    AllowTCPForwarding no
    ForceCommand internal-sftp

"it doesn't work here"

I’m used to putting my settings at the end of the file to remember that they are my changes.
And that’s how I always do it and it works, but in this case, since you put it right at the end, it doesn’t work.

You.can drop your changes in the corresponding .d directory.

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I imagine that it refers to the line

Include /etc/ssh/sshd_config.d/*.conf

I mean! I create a file called for example

and everything to work?
I have to try it

Thanks for your suggestion, I really didn’t know that this include was for that.


all the best

This way, your config will not be touched if the file is edited and you can easily deploy your files in a new server instantly.

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