SSH: "Server refused our key"


I am quite new to HestiaCP.

SSH Problem 1
I had setup SSH for the admin account succesfully, but want to setup a ssh key for another user as well.

I was not succesfull. If I go the user-> /add/key/ I get the error ‘Error: Validating user private key’ That makes sense as I paste the public key. The private key is not on the server.
But why is it not working?

SSH Problem 2
Somehow I managed to break my admin ssh access too. When I try to ssh using the root account I get suddenly this error: “Server refused our key”. When I input the root password it sais ‘Access denied’. Both are not ok. How can I fix this?
I still have access to hestacp, just no root ssh access anymore

ssh should look like:

ssh-rsa verylongradomstring [email protected]

We validate the key with:

Ah I see, so I should create the string than add [email protected] to the end and that should work?

You can try other wise run:

echo “$key” | ssh-keygen -l -f -

Where key is the public key