SSH Usage graph

Hi there.
First of all, congrats on this excelent CP.

As ex Sentora user i’m bit confised about server graph that is showing SSH usage. In sentora i used to see SSH usage only when i was logged in, but now, i get 5-10 connections avarage. Only difference from my last Sentora installation is that i change SSH port on server which had Sentora, and i left it default on current instalation (login is by key only).

Is it possible that i am seeing SSH login spam on graph or does Hesta has something new in copare to Sentora that is showing in that graph?

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Also malicious attempted are on the list

Over here I have the same issue and only allowed to connect with a pub key. In the new version (1.2.0) you have to option to load additional blacklists :slight_smile:


Ah so even attempts are in there. I thought so, but i wanted to check out just in case. Better safe than sorry. What got me on wrong foot is that Sentora is showing only users that manage to log in successfully.

Anyway, thanks for help. I have to say i am loving Hestia for now. Multi PHP option kicks ass and will give me ability to shut down some old servers and migrate to only one or two. Not making money and still hosting makes you wanna optimize. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. I hope i will be making contribution or two however small in form of maybe, yii2 nginx template etc.