SSL certificate being used on this website was issued for another website's address

Hello it has happened again, I am trying to enter the administration panel of hestia after a couple of days, and I cannot, and passed the url through, it has given me this error: Analysis Error
The SSL certificate being used on this website was issued for another website’s address

Check that the correct certificate is installed or purchase a new certificate for the site.

I did not know it will be the ssl certificate that produces the error but again I have not found anything, my normal site continues to work, I will try to investigate more what the problem is, any help is welcome, doing everything again is no longer cool.

Somehow your issue related to this, but its simple to resolve by a single command via SSH…
Ref: SSL for panel problem


Precisely that had been the problem, good implementation they did, for my part I already solved it by removing the backend certificate, which by default and creating a symbolic link to the crt and key certificates of the main domain.

That isnt a good idea at all, because you’ll get troubles due to wrong permission on the certificate files. Please consider to use v-add-letsencrypt-host only to prevent any issues.

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thanks, implement the solution created by you, for you I believe as I read in the comments.