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We are using MS Outlook as a mail client. We receive SSL Certificate expired error. I checked the validation date of the certificate in the Hestiacp GUI, it shows it has not expired (01.06.2022). But MS Outlook shows that it has expired (03.04.2022). Could you please help me on this matter?

Try restarting dovecot / exim

Thank you for your reply. After restarting these services, it works now. But I have a question. In this case, I need to restart these services after each certificate renewal? Is it not automatically?

It should be done by default after renewal of certificates

But it looks like we have introduced a bug with the last release

We are using v1.5.8 and the latest version is v1.5.11. How is it possible to check if it happens also in the latest version or not?

It looks like it has been introduced in 1.5.0

I checked the code and it still happens in the current 1.5.11.

We will patch it in the next release

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Thank you for your information. I have changed the logo and some colors in Roundcube. So I would like to know that if the next update will override my changes? Thanks.

Depends on how changes are made it might get updated when new update from roundcube is applied…

Create a custom them and make the changes there and you should be save…


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