SSL For Subdomain Issue

Hi Guys,

I setup my primary domain OK (plus SSL). Everything went well

The issue started when setting up the subdomain. The option “Use Lets Encrypt to obtain SSL certificate” is brining the error below.

Error: Let’s Encrypt validation status 400 ( Details: Unable to update challenge :: authorization must be pending

Screenshot below

ssl error 2

Kindly assist.

Please use the search functions and also have a look at our docs. LE400 issues has been handled a lot of times already.

I have not seen an LE400 issue for subdomain.

Doesnt matter if it is a domain or subdomain. Search results for '400' - Hestia Control Panel - Discourse

I have gone thru the list. Nothing seems to work. Can I explain my setup and u see if you can suggest something?

Hi ScIT,

I have gone thru but nothing.

Could it be becuase my dns management is via cloudflare?

Hi ScIT,

I believe I have pinpointed the problem but I would appreciate your confirmation as I do not know how to interpret the logs. I followed the steps below and picked logs from url from step 5.

My url from step 5 brought the below.

History Of The Issue
The subdomain points to a white label site that is still under review (it has not yet been approved)

Could it be that because it is not yet live it is brining the issue?

kindly confirm that for me for peace of mind :slight_smile:

It shows a 403 error and it is compatible with not having the site published. Publish an index.html, and then get the LE certificate.

Thank you for the clarification. The site is still under verification. From my end it is showing status “Pending”.

Once the site is approved, I will try get the SSL.

For now I wait.

The link from Step 5 has helped me to know the error.

I guess I should thank you team. You have helped me know new stuff.

Thank you guys.

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