SSL passthrough proxy template

Hi, does anyone know how to setup a “ssl passthrough proxy template” for HestiaCP ?

As I need a proxied server to register it’s own SSL letsencrypt certificate.

Does anyone have any ideas?

You may want to explain in greater detail exactly what you mean.

SSL passthrough is when the SSL certificate is not handled by HestiaCP instead it passed through to the server you have proxied to via the HestiaCP Nginx template.

A google search on “SSL passthrough” gives lots of examples.

But there is no one at HestiaCP, MyVesta or VestaCP communities that has ever posted anything about the subject.

There are two HestiaCP files that make up a the template .tpl handles http traffic and .stpl handles https traffic. So the Nginx server configs I have found for “ssl passthough” need to be worked into a HestiaCP template.

My question was has anyone worked out a template before for doing ssl passthrough and if so can you share? If not, is anyone interested in a “SSL passthrough Hestia proxy template” ?