Static Assets With An Efficient Cache Policy(Nginx)

any way to serve static assets with an efficient cache policy in Nginx?
How mp4, jpg, woff2, etc…
Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face:

By default Nginx serves:
jpg, jpeg, gif, png, ico, svg, css, zip, tgz, gz, rar, bz2, doc, xls, exe, pdf, ppt, txt, odt, ods, odp, odf, tar, wav, bmp, rtf, js, mp3, avi, mpeg, flv, html, htm

You may configure on each install under the web domain options. Both woff2 and mp4 should be by default. @eris is there any particular reason not to have them added by default?

Yep mp4 and woff2 not included. I try add this but don’t works :thinking:

  • Find the template in the path
  • Make a copy
  • Rebuild user

Thank you my friend!
I try this for edit template but for some reason it seems that with mp4 and woff2 don’t works :thinking:

You should able to add them here

Don’t know it is not done by default

Sorry my friend this looks a installation apache + nginx i mean only nginx :blush:

Yes except you should modify the templates instead of config files as there are rebuild on edit / rebuild

you mean here?