Storage question

If I add a package with 1TB and set it for user and I use that user to create a NextCloud server. Will it be limited to 1TB or it bypasses that and uses the storage from the whole machine ?

Only if you enforce the use of quotas you will be able to effectively restrict the space used by the user.

Bear in mind that the database size does not count against a user quota.

If the quota policy is not enforced, then any quota-exceeding user will be listed as such so you can contact your users for an upgrade or so…

How do you mean “enforce the use of quotas”

When installing the hestiacp there is an option for installing quotas Install | Hestia Control Panel

What Im asking if I install this quota, and on the panel on the packages set X amount of max quota available. Will it hard stick to it, or will user just be able to go over it ?

Run v-add-sys-quota and the limits will be enforced.

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