Strange sudo/root password issue

Hi All.

From my server’s terminal (Ubuntu Server) I can log into the root user just fine and do anything I want. If I log into any other user and use sudo, I get asked for the password and the root password won’t work.

If I SSH into the server using root@IPaddress I get the same “incorrect password” issue.

I’m trying to swap some files with WinSCP and I can log in to any user with it just fine except root. I need root access so that I can access folders below the user folders like in the home directory and even root directoy. With a user, I’m just getting “permission denied” error.

Thanks for any help

Use user-password instead of root-password for sudo.

AFAIK in default sshd_config, root can not log in by password (PermitRootLogin prohibit-password).
I recommend strongly PermitRootLogin no for secruity reasons.

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After you have added a second login with sudo permissions…

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