Subdomain for hestia in admin account... while domain is in another user account


When I installed Hestia, I chose the URL for accessing the Hestia Control Panel.

Then, I created my website and, of course, I did it with another user different than admin, the name of this user is pacapaw.

The thing is… now, I have two websites:

  • → Property of admin user
  • → Property of pacapaw user

In the admin user panel, when I go to the DNS tab… it’s empty there. There’s no domain named

When I sign in with the pacapaw user, and go to the DNS tab, the domain named is effectively there. So what I did is… just add a DNS record there, pointing hestiacp to my server’s IP address.

Is this setup okay? I’m not sure if I messed up… because like this, I’m unable to configure any DNS records for the subdomain

Thanks in advance.