Subdomain question

hello guys, i am in the process of retrying hestia (looks better and works better since my last try), but have some technical questions:
1- when i install my server (ip: i chose however after adding the domain and even a A record it doesnt redirect to the control panel, instead is shows it as a regular website “we are working on it” so how can i properly set this up with letsencrypt on it.
2-i have another server (ip: that i want to use as subdomain : , i created an A record under pointing to the, however it doesnt resolve. what i am doing wrong here.
thank you in advanced for your help.

For nr. 1, this the expected behaviour, there is no auto redirect from port 80/443 to the backend port (8083). To get a ssl cert, just have a look at the docs:

For nr. 2, no idea, to less informations. Are you using the hestia included dns for that domain (usualy additional steps needed to build a proper cluster)? When you say, “doesnt resolve”, it sounds like a dns issue, so is dig/nslookup returning the proper ip? And a few more steps to debug :slight_smile:.

thank you for the reply, so about
1- there is no way to redirect , i have to manually enter 8083 after my domain in order to enter to the hestiacontrol panel backend?
2-i figured it out.
once again thanks

yes, exactly what i wrote :slight_smile: