Subdomains forcing the NGINX template

I just setup a new fossbiling on subdomain, and I can’t figure out where the problem is with caching. Domain are on cloudflare, and the orange cloud is turned off. I’m using HestiaCP with Apache2 and NGINX.

Web template: Apache2 (default)
Backend Template: php 8.3
Proxy Template: hosting or default

On CloudFlare i added only this for subdomain:
portal.domain.tld - IP Address
www.portal.domain.tld - domain.tld

That’s happening only for subdomains. I create on another user subdomain, and I always get the HTTP 304 code and nginx in the browser for subdomain. With a main domain, everything is fine and shows an HTTP 200 code. I’m thinking this is something wrong with Hestiacp. Where do I look to find an issue?

As told in Fossbilling Discord server. “Hestia” doesn’t redirect any requests