Sudden Site Errors, corrected by rebuild

Not sure if this is related to the recent update of Hestia, or something else. I haven’t been visiting any of the sites on this server for a while, so its hard to say. Anyway, I noticed that a few of the sites on the server were throwing errors, but it seemed random. One wordpress site would just be blank with “no input file specified” showing, two were showing "server error’ and one was running fine!

A nextcloud install was running fine. A kimai install wasn’t working at all.

I basically went through them one by one. In all cases, visiting the config page, and selecting the PHP7.4 template rather than default, made the sites work again.
In retrospect I should have tried a “rebuild web domains” for a user, as I suspect that might have been the problem.

Any idea what was going on? Any changes to web templates etc in the latest build?

Seems like a bug you are not the first person that reports this issue…