Suggestion: Import/export a DNS Zone configuration


As the title says, I propose that functionality.
One use case is when, for example, I want to use the Hestia server only as a mail server; since hestia generates by default certain useful DNS records, it would be nice to be able to export them so that I can then import them where the domain in question is administered.

The problem on this idea: What is the export format? There is probaly no common one like csv, could be also tab spaced txt, a raw zonefile and so on. Not that easy to resolve and probaly not worth the time to do so.

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.db ?

Yes, it’s probably a bit cumbersome for such a specific use utility.

However, maybe this is a good starting point (as a reference case):

They say the following regarding formatting: The data format follows the BIND zone file format and RFC 1035. We do not support all BIND zone file features, and we only support the import of A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, and SRV record types.

Perhaps, being bind based and the mentioned specification is an import solution used by other registrars besides them (I ignore).

I dont think that we currently have enough ressurces to fullfill your request. BUT if you would like tondo some first steps, please checkout our github project and see if you can implement it - we’re clearly open for a pull request!

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It took me roughly 12 hours to re-create all of my DNS when I migrated from Plesk to hestia.
Even using templates.

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Understandable, but there is plesk, cpanel, cyberpanel, ispconfig… The list never ends, and there is the problem - we can’t support all of it or also can’t support your specific needs. If you are unhappy about it, change it - the api, aswell the whole project, is open source - you probaly can write with a few lines of code a migration script, but we cant do that for you or every control panel on the market - even when you just take the biggest 5…

I was only saying that this was a pain for me and maybe it would be worth considering how are all those panels doing that because maybe 40% of them are using a standard and then we could just use it too (only with the blessing of the development team which I think we have since you are open to pr.)

I think the default “Bind” .db file should not be difficult we already support generating it → Save it to a temp file and offer a download or just download the db from the /home/user/conf/db/