Suggestion: nginx-quic (by + hestiaCP. When?

Yes, it’s faster. Yes, it’s stable enough. Yes, it’s improve overall speed of website loading.
Question: when it will be added to hestiaCP?

First it would need to come out as stable:

This is an experimental QUIC [1] / HTTP/3 [2] support for nginx.

Then still probaly we will never be able to implement it, because it needs custom build nginx versions. We already discussed this multiple times and decided to not do it - expect we have a donator which supports us with between 3000-5000 usd /monthly for the massive and repently efforts needed (building, testing, and so on).

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I don’t agree with your post, but I do agree that all work and care should be paid. So I won’t further develop the discussion. Because you responded sincerely, and openly, transparently. I respect that kind of straightforward behavior, even though it sounds harsh.

Anyway, I only suggested a feature at this stage of development to be implemented. Because it’s already stable to work with, and gives nice results. Anyway QUIC in nginx and hestiaCP will be implemented later, I have no doubt about it. The matter of time.

It will probably end a regular Nginx release as Nginx are self working on it…

If you want you can build your own Nginx version if you really need it.

But we work with limited resources and and time so we prefer to focus on security and other things…


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