Suggestions and ideas

Hi! I’m a hosting a reseller and I’m using your system with a lot of customer so I can suggest to you many ideas I’m watching during the experience on this beautiful platform to improve it.
(Sorry if this ideas were discussed or were done)

  1. Have a counter to know the space disk available,
    Actually I have only a metric (in above bar) with the sum of website and email size, Backups size are not being consider (It should be for me).
    I know de full disk size only accesing throug linux shell.

  2. Last week I had an issue where I can’t login on Hestiacp and after some long minutes I could found out it was due a full disk, It could be usefull to have some error on login page about this or send some critical warning email to admin.

  3. Option to set how many backups I want to have and also easily set the routine time.

  4. It should be useful in installation process prompt the username for admin (and set “admin” if user leave blank), this could be usefull to improve security.

  1. In “Service list” → Show Task monitor → View advanced details → Disk you are able to see the available disks
  2. Use monitoring with Zammad / Icinga2 instead depending on manual checking…
  3. Number can be set via package. Time is setup by cronjob
  4. It is on the Wishlist how ever need almost a full rewrite of Hestia it self

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